DYJ Leadership Training

Vision & Strategy Retreats

Without a clear vision it is almost impossible for an organization to meet or exceed their goals. So often as a business owner you have a plan for what they would like to achieve but the process of engaging your team and getting them on board can be a difficult to do alone. One of our Certified Trainers will help you gain clarity and communicate your vision to your  organization. These are two day facilitated retreats at your chosen location. 

Leadership Development Retreats

So often individuals are given a leadership title and receive training on their own specific job duties but little to no training is spent learning how to actually be a successful leader. John C. Maxwell teaches in his book the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership a concept called "The Law Of The Lid". What this means is that your organization will only grow to your organizations level of leadership. If your leaders are not growing your organization will also be stumped in growth. Everything raises and falls on leadership! One of our Certified John C. Maxwell Trainers with arrive at your selected location for this two day retreat.

Onsite Team Trainings

Could your team use some training? Is your organization struggling with communication & low engagement? We work with teams on several topics including: 

The Impact of Attitude


Everyone Communicates But Few Connect

Time Management 

Sometimes Your Win Sometimes Your Learn 

 Kolbe - Strengths Maximization Workshops   

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