Our leadership training with Natalie was extremely enlightening, educational, and motivating. Natalie provided specific explanations and details to clarify what it means to be a team leader with examples and results to accomplish. We left the training feeling confident to set the ball rolling and start building our team with true leaders who produce results. Since our meeting with Natalie, I personally, have seen changes in the level of commitment of our team leaders and the general level of positivity and motivation is felt throughout the office.  Natalie provided the framework which we were lacking to move forward confidently. Her enthusiasm for training, as well as her in-depth knowledge of Kolbe and Leadership, was evident and we can’t thank her enough.We are looking forward to her return visit so we can continue growing.
— James Nathanson 
I have been lucky to have the opportunity to listen to many leadership training speakers as well as motivational speakers and management consultants. One of the speakers and trainers I had the pleasure to listen and learn from on more then one occasion was Natalie Joy. Natalie has the keen ability to draw you in and captivate you from her introduction. Natalie is a gifted speaker who is passionate when speaking and has the ornate ability to make you feel her passion and want to hear more. Natalie makes you feel like she is speaking to you not at you. Natalie is a true “Joy” to listen to and more importantly learn from.
— Robin M.
I want to first thank you for today and congratulate you a job well done. You were engaging, knowledgeable and well organized with your presentation, pulling all the information together and making it make sense to the audience. I heard many compliments from the attendees afterwards who enjoyed your presentation and the information shared. They felt they learned something valuable they can use in developing and growing their business. The fact that the time flew by without anyone realizing goes to show that everyone was so engaged and attention held. Thank you so much and I will surely put you on my list of referrals for future projects such as this.
— Tami McKenzie